What is Lean Thinking?

  • ·Lean Thinking is not activity or method, but rather a disciplined mindset that encompasses an organization’s culture, values, processes and people.

  • ·, Lean Thinking is a systematic enabling strategy that relentlessly eliminates waste, thereby delivering products and services faster, while adding value to our customers with increased quality and lower costs, .

  •  Lean Thinking requires us to change our way of thinking,  making continuous, proactive improvements a daily routine through all levels of our organizations.


Why LeanJax?

  • Lean Thinking can successfully be applied to every business sector, including manufacturing, government, financial services, information technology, and construction. All are represented in LeanJax.

  • · LeanJax has helped its members achieve dramatic improvements throughout their organizations and has fueled the adoption of Lean in many areas of the community. The strength and influence of LeanJax is pivotal in helping organizations thrive on the First Coast.

  •     While teaching Lean principles, practices and techniques, we help our members focus on key improvement areas and advise them on how to best utilize Lean Thinking throughout their continuous improvement journey by offering a peer-to-peer mentoring approach.

LeanJax Training Courses

Introduction to Lean Service

Introduction to Lean Manufacturing

Introduction to Lean Construction

The 8 Wastes

Value Stream Mapping

A3 Problem Solving

Lean Facilitation I

Lean Facilitation II

Lean Meetings

Lean Culture

Lean Leadership

Lean Thinking and Quality

Lean for the Shop Floor

Lean Safety

Visual Management

All Member Services

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