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Are you wondering what a Lean perspective can do for your business, which First Coast sectors are served, and how it can empower your workforce to be leaders among their peers?

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You’ve heard that Lean methods can transform the thinking at all levels of an organization. The member companies of Lean Jax would love to support your growth and learn from you as well!


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The Jacksonville Lean Consortium (“LeanJax”) is a member-driven non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and leveraging

Lean Thinking’s culture and methods throughout the First Coast (Baker, Clay, Duval, Flagler Nassau, Putnam, and St. Johns counties).

Our members arise from all business sectors and are committed to promoting continuous improvement and respect for people,

striving for operational excellence in their organizations, and spurring economic growth in the region.

Industries across all sectors see benefits when they implement Lean Methods.


The voice of the customer is heard


Employees are engaged & motivated


Leaders “Go See” to discover unnecessary waste


Processes are simplified with standard work

Lean is  Striving for Perfection.

Lean is Striving for Perfection.

Lean is  Respect for People

Lean is Respect for People

Lean is  Continuous Improvement.

Lean is Continuous Improvement.

Lean is  Learn by Doing.

Lean is Learn by Doing.

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